Day Two: Miles City, Montana

We made it! An impressive day two of driving, driving, and driving. Two days of 480-ish miles, and I drove them all! Because I can. I still felt nice and fresh even at the end of day two, so that’s a good sign.

We saw many Testicle Festival billboards, which entertained the boys (all three of them). There were many cows, horses, and eventually sheep. Gas is a little cheaper out here- I think we paid $2.67 at our last stop?

Road work is fascinating in Montana. There are signs for road construction, and they narrow the two-lane road to one lane… and keep it narrowed for miles.. but… there is no work happening. No people or trucks. It isn’t even clear where they intend to work or what they intend to do. Just narrowed down with reduced speed limit for maybe 5 miles… and then….end of construction zone! I think we went through at least 5 of those today. One did have a little street sweeper putting along at one point. But man… dropping down from 75-80 miles an hour to 45 for no good reason really irks me!

We did finally make it to “boring” country. Just a whole lot of nothing. Some rolling hills. Some animals once in awhile. The river. But basically a lot of nothing. I’m thinking tomorrow will be the day to pull out the trivia cards and find some road trip games to play. It should be a little shorter of a driving day, and we will be in Aberdeen, South Dakota- our destination for the family reunion!

Oh and the weather has been sunny and warm, but not hot! I’m thinking that the temperatures at home will be warmer than here. I’m not sure that’s ever happened before!!

20150623_131029 20150623_141607 20150623_145513

Xavier has been in charge of taking some photos while he co-pilots. He missed the Testicle Festival billboards. Darn.


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