Day 3: Aberdeen

Well Day 3 was quite the day of driving! Technically it was a little shorter than the other two, but sure didn’t seem like it. Not from the driver’s seat, anyway. The drive gets awfully boring at some point- just rolling hills after rolling hills….
We may have started getting a little goofy at some point.

I mean, look at these beautiful pictures from my co-pilots. I’m pretty sure the “Welcome to South Dakota” sign is right there in the picture. To be fair, the sign was tiny. And I was driving about 80 mph. So I didn’t make the job easy. Just trust me, the sign was there and we saw it.


At least it was green all around us. We did see lots of cows. And some horses. Most of us spied a few… deer? Again- hard to identify when flying by at 80!

Then we have the fascinating road construction. This would NOT fly in Washington! In case it isn’t clear- there is a stop sign. And a one-lane construction zone. Drivers should stop, then use their own common sense to determine if/when it is safe to proceed. Also- there were no other cars in sight, which made it easier to decide it was safe. I believe there were two of these little gems- which were hilarious by around 2:00 in the afternoon! (Perhaps you had to be there.)


Again, my co-plots attempted to capture the action as we began crossing the Missouri River.


We made it into Aberdeen and found our way to our interesting hotel. It’s… interesting. Definitely showing some age. The jetted tub is baby blue and probably from around 1980. You have to step down into it to use the shower. I’m pretty sure the boys could both drown in it. Pictures will follow. Later. For now… sleep!


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