Reunion Day 1, part 2

I was watching my boys today at the reunion, and thinking about how they were really highlighting their differences. Xavier is happy to hang back, watch, listen, and play games on his phone. Logan just sticks himself right in the middle of everything, finds someone to hang out with, and is a little social butterfly. He remembered a few of our extended family members, and both boys have always really enjoyed Uncle Dave, my Mom’s older brother. So first Logan attached himself and kept himself busy keeping track of Dave. Then some kids showed up- kids of cousins, extended family that I don’t know or remember. Logan bopped right over and got busy playing in the hammocks with them. He didn’t really care what their names were or who they were, he was just having a good time.

Then it was time for the annual go-cart race. This is an important race that can be pretty contentious. Xavier declined participating, repeatedly. He said he’d go watch, but he didn’t want to race. He later said he didn’t think he’d do well and he’d end up crashing. As soon as someone said “race” Logan was ready- and was happy to volunteer as the passenger in a 2-seater with an older cousin that he’d never met before. I think they both enjoyed the race, just in very different ways.

It’s interesting to see the ways their personalities influence their daily lives. I think parents miss on out so much of these little moments. Makes me thankful that I’m a teacher and that I can enjoy some time to reconnect and get to know my kids again every summer. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

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Xavier relaxing, and Logan playing. I took 5 photos of Logan and this is the only one where he was sitting still!


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