Reunion Day 2

What a day! Filled with laughter, a thunderstorm, mosquitos, and fun.

We did a quick stop at Storybook Land. It’s a very cool little park that we always love to visit. Stacey wanted to get her picture with the boys at the gingerbread man, and then they did a quick train ride. (Dad and I wimped out and stayed in the air conditioning!)

20150627_111150 20150627_111349 (1) 20150627_111711 (1) 20150627_112100

Dad and I drug ourselves into the heat to take the boys mini-golfing. It was a heated competition, but in the end I think Dad and I actually tied! I think he questioned the accounting, but the facts don’t lie!

20150627_124141 20150627_124335 20150627_124357 20150627_125701

We did head back to the hotel to freshen up/nap for a little bit after golf. We were sweaty and hot. We managed to get ourselves back to the park in time for family pictures. I think I only have one photo on my camera; the great-grands with Grandma V.


There are many more great-grands, but these were all of the kids in attendance this time.


Gunny sack race. Logan didn’t win, but he gave it a valiant effort.


Xavier was the kid champion of the cherry pit spitting contest.


The Germans sang several rousing beer songs. Makes me look forward to Oktoberfest already!20150627_220307-1

After dark, the kids played glow stick swords with anyone they could capture.

Somewhere in the middle there we had a lovely “severe thunderstorm”. The radio was counting down the storm arriving in town, and they were calling for 60 mph gusts, heavy rain, ping pong ball-sized hail, etc. They said “people and animals outdoors will be injured” and recommended riding the storm out indoors. Dad, the boys, and I were all at the hotel already, so we stayed in and watched through the window. Mom was out at the park where most rode the storm out in cars. Lots of tents (at other camp sites) were blown down or away a bit. No damage to any of our vehicles, but branches fell on a few other trucks at the park. We saw hail that was marble-sized perhaps. It was all over in less than half an hour, a rainbow came out, and then it was sunny and hot the rest of the day! Crazy!

Time to go slather on some anti-itch cream for those mosquito bites and get some sleep. One more day of reunion tomorrow. A little bit of a church service/gathering in the park in the morning. Laundry in the afternoon. Hanging out with one of Dad’s brothers in the evening. Then on our way bright and early Monday morning!


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