Reunion summary

To offer a belated reunion summary….

The rest of the reunion was lovely. Of course! The boys had a great time reconnecting with Grandma V- which is always our number one priority. Grandma and Logan spent the night at Stacey’s house twice- which is always the number two priority!

The last morning of the reunion is always difficult, because we don’t like to say goodbye. Our relatives hosted a mini “church in the park” service, which was brief but lovely. The theme revolved around thinking about what you pass on to the next generation- whether it be material, financial, spiritual, etc. The uncles connected this to Grandma V and her giving spirit of helping others throughout her life. They talked about the ways her giving and sharing have been spread through so many different people and different generations, and that her gifts to others will have unending reach far beyond just the people she helped directly. Several people shared stories of times Grandma V has helped them or helped others. I was happy to read selections from a letter Stacey wrote about the times she has witnessed Grandma V’s generosity of spirit.

The boys were able to play a little bit more with some of the cousins before the event ended. They spent some time picking memorial sticks to bring home with us. I was able to persuade them that the 6 foot branch was probably too big to drag all the way across the country and home again!!

Some housekeeping and laundry (Mom probably enjoyed some quiet alone time while she manned the laundry!) and then we had a little more time alone with Grandma V. Those are the best times. Hearing her funny stories and stories about old times. Stories about people we don’t know and stories about family. I think we could do that for days! It’s always hard to say goodbye. It’s like ripping off a band aid- just do it quick and drive away before everyone starts to cry!

We also got to have dinner with Uncle Roger and his wife. Again, nice to meet new people and reconnect with old! Interesting to hear how life is different and the same halfway across the country in a town so small.


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